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OUR Awards


The founder of Annique, Dr Annique Theron, was a pioneer, establishing Annique in 1971. She was also rewarded with several accolades, including:


  • 1997: Dr Annique Theron awarded the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)’s International Woman Inventor of 1997 in Geneva, Switzerland for the Annique products

  • 2005: ATKV (Afrikaanse Taal- en Kultuurvereniging)’s Icon of the Year Award















Annique has won numerous local and international awards, including:

  • 1997: Annique wins two gold medals for the formulation of the Annique Rooibos products from the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)’s International Woman Inventor of 1997 in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • 1999: Annique’s Sunblock Roll-on wins the Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence Award for the “Most Innovative Product”.

  • 2000: Resque Crème wins the Marie Claire Prix d’ Excellence as Most Revolutionary Product.

  • 2005: Annique cellulite range receives Marie Claire’s highest recommended Body Care Award.

  • 2011: Resque Crème is runner-up in FairLady magazine’s Best of Beauty Awards’ Best South African Product. Resque Mist came fourth in the same category.


Besides awards, Annique’s products also boast:

  • Annique's products was endorsed by the Beauty Without Cruelty organisation, ensuring Annique remains an organisation whose products are not tested on animals. **

  • Annique's Safe in the Sun SPF 30, Sun Safety Aerosol SPF 30 and the Be Wise SPF 50 all have the CANSA Mark of Recognition for preventative sun care


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Beauty without Cruelty

Recently, Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC) contacted Annique to update our humane status. The criteria for the BWC endorsement, is that all products and raw materials need to be suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and no raw material or product may be animal derived, or may have been tested on animals within a five year period of application.
The good news is that all Annique’s skin-care and body-care products, as well as our cosmetics, teas, shakes and fragrances all comply with these requirements. Our Forever Healthy range is the only range that does not comply, simply because the pills are encapsulated in softgel gelatine, which is animal derived.
Our health ranges used to be imported from the UK, but this ceased in 2010 when the Catalent factory in Swindon in the UK closed down. This event, coupled with a fluctuating foreign exchange rate, caused us to source our preferred softgel capsules from a local supplier. These softgel capsules are made from gelatine which is animal derived and therefore does not meet BWC’s requirements.
Annique respects BWC’s principles and practices and is pleased that all Annique skincare, cosmetic, beauty and fragrance products meet their specification. ** As far as the Forever Healthy range is concerned, the softgel encapsulation is the optimal method of distributing the product and to ensure optimal digestion and absorption of the vitamins and minerals, and we say this withoutapology. We are working with the local supplier to eventually use vegetable based gelatine, but the product is currently not sufficiently stable to guarantee product integrity. We will keep you informed of any progress in this regard in the future.
Rest assured that we support any organisation, project or efforts that ensure that animals are not ill-treated, experimented on or harmed in anyway.

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