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Annique's Revolutionary Formulas


1971 : Annique's desire to help others is evident from her first product - the Annnique Wonder Slim or as it is now known - the Annique Lifestyle Shake formula. This product was originally formulated by the CSIR to supplement malnourished people's food with essential nutrients. Thanks to this product thousands of clients regained their slim and improved their health - with Annique's help.


1973 : Annique Theron launches her first Skin Care products, with the star product the Annique Revitalising Cream. This unique product contains three Revitalising Serums that repair, renew and rejuvenate the skin like no other product. The Annique Revitalising Cream is supplemented by other Annique products and produces unbelievable results up till today for all skin types across the world!


1978 : The first Annique Health Formula is launched and heralds the beginning of an entire range of sophisticated capsules with unique combinations of different Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes.


1985 - 1995 : Annique's Rooibos Tea is introduced. Its unrivalledtaste and quality wins over thousands of people to enjoy Rooibos Tea internationally. Testimonials about Annique Rooibos Tea are received from all over the world!

The University of Bloemfontein completes an independent study, which proves Annique's discovery on the therapeutic qualities of Rooibos, which are : Anti-allergenic; Anti-ageing; Anti-viral; Anti-bacteriel, Anti-carcinogenic and Anti-oxidant.


1996 : Annique launches a unique multi-level network Business Opportunity which offers each person the opportunity to find wealth, happiness, self-fulfilment and health through Annique's products. Annique offers a timeless system for thousands of people to become financially independent and ditribute unique products they believe in.


1997 : Annique receives two Gold Medals for the formulation of the Annique Rooibos products and was the Winner in Geneva Switzerland of the WIPO's International Woman Inventorbof 1997.


1999 : This year Annique wins the Prix d'Excellence for the Sunblock Roll-on as the "Most Innovative Product" from the MARIE CLAIRE magazine.


2000 : Annique again wins the Prix d'Excellence for the Annique Rooibos ResQue Creme as the "Most Revolutionary Product". Annique also launches an extended Slimming Test Program with 880 participants across South Africa and are still receiving new success stories as a result of the Annique Lifestyle Program.


2003 : This is the year we rejuvenated our own appearance with a new, glamorous look for the whole range. After five years of National Research into the health of South African men, women, teenagers and children, Annique developed a unique Micro-nutrient range to supply in the individual needs of our customers.


2004 : Another year of celebration starts with Dr Annique Theron's 75th birthday anniversary with a charity event where we donate R100,000.00 to Child welfare.


2005 : Dr Annique Theron is rewarded the ATKV's "Icon of the Year" award. The Annique Cellulite Range receives the MARIE CLAIRE highest recommended Body Care Award. We move into our new home office in Irene, Pretoria.


2006 : Annique celebrates 35 years of existence with a special edition Revitalising Cream. This formulation is still insurpassable in the remarkable repair and rejuvenating results it delivers. Dr Annique Theron celebrates her 77th birthday.


2009 : Annique Theron turns a wonderful 80 years young! In April Annique launched her long awaited autobiography - MANNA, filled with life stories, encouragement and historical photo highlights. Also launched the new Rooibos Miracle Tissue Oil with another unique Rooibos Oil Extraction for super anti-oxidant supply!


















The Annique Rooibos Story: Discovering Rooibos’ miracles


Generations of South Africans have been enjoying the natural sweet and revitalising taste of Rooibos since its discovery by botanists in 1772. Little did they realise the powerful and natural healing properties of this rare and unique plant from the cold, windy, south-western tip of Africa.


1968 – Annique Rooibos: an amazing discovery

Dr. Annique Theron stumbled on the natural healing powers of Rooibos when, one sunny April morning in 1968, she warmed her allergic baby’s bottle with warm Rooibos tea. Annique was amazed at the instant calming, soothing and healing effect it had on her baby daughter of fourteen months, Lorinda. Annique set out to investigate this tea’s healing potential and found she stood alone in her discovery of its antiallergic qualities. However, she soon found hundreds of mothers with similar problems varying from food allergies to eczema, insomnia and hyperactivity in their babies and children. Annique published her findings about allergies in children and adults in her book: “Allergies: An Amazing Discovery”.


Annique Rooibos: Help for adults and babies

Rooibos tea has been a trusted remedy for the last three decades among South African mothers. Now Rooibos’ miraculous properties to cure and soothe are backed not only by scientifi c research and international recognition, but also by thirty years of mothers’ hands-on experience. If your little one suffers from colic, insomnia, food allergies, stomach cramps or eczema, Annique’s Rooibos tea is the perfect answer to your problems. It is simple to use; simply substitute the water of baby’s bottle feed with Annique's Rooibos tea. Annique's Rooibos tea will benefi t the digestive system, calm your child and ensure untroubled sleeping patterns.


Annique Rooibos: Revealing research

In the 1980’s Japanese and American scientists found a powerful and stable antioxidant called super-oxide dismutase in Rooibos tea.

In 1995 Infruitec, a South African research company, as well as Dr. Charlene Marais of the University of the Free State, found and verifi ed that Rooibos tea did indeed have the following properties:

• Anti-allergic;

• Anti-spasmodic;

• Anti-bacterial;

• Anti-ageing;

• Anti-viral;

• Antioxidant; and

• No caffeine and very low tannin from pure Rooibos leaves.


Annique's Rooibos tea is enjoying increasing popularity around theworld.


Annique Rooibos: Nutrition from Mother Nature

Because Rooibos tea is low in tannin, it won’t deplete baby’s natural iron reserves during pregnancy or feeding while the protein absorption and metabolism remain undisturbed. It also contains calcium to ensure normal development of teeth, bones and the nervous system, as well as magnesium and zinc for healthy skin and hair. Because Annique’s Rooibos tea has a natural sweet taste there is no need to add sugar or honey to baby bottles. Parents will love it too.


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