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We all lead busy and stressful lives in today’s modern society. As we rush around trying to fit everything into our day, we often skip meals, simply forget to eat or end up making ‘poor choices’ and eat food that is high in sugar, ‘bad’ carbohydrates and processed foods!

As a result, problems such as obesity, diabetes type II, weight fluctuation, food cravings, high cholesterol, heart disease and fatigue are ever increasing.



The Annique Lifestyle Philosophy

The Annique Lifestyle Philosophy embraces the return to an ‘evolutionary based‘ diet of lean meats, seafood, fish, vegetables, fruits, (raw) nuts and seeds, moderate physical activity and supplementing our diets with essential vitamins, minerals and herbs.

This philosophy offers a solution to encourage weight loss and improve the metabolic functioning of the body by:


  • Encouraging lifelong eating choices which focus on nutrient rich, healthy foods

  • Reprogramming the body to digest stored fat, converting it into energy

  • Supplementing with specific micronutrient and herb formulations to support weight loss. These include the Annique ‘Forever. Slim’ weightloss supplementation, Forever Healthy vitamin and mineral supplementation, Lifestyle Shakes and Herbal Teas.


Quick Guide to Annique Lifestyle


1 Replace or avoid all refined carbohydrates in your diet:

Potatoes, bread, pasta, cake, sweets, chocolate, sugar, starch, wheat, corn, fruit juice, most fruit and trans-fatty acids from fast foods.


This is the most important element to eliminate from any diet that you are following.

1 Cut the Carbs
• High carbohydrate meals tend to leave you less satisfied than meals containing adequate fat levels; so you eat  

   more and feel hungry sooner.

• Cutting down on carbohydrates especially sugar, white flour and other refined carbs will start you on the right 

   road to a healthy lifestyle with a fast metabolism.


2 Add to your diet

• Protein from red meat, fish, chicken, eggs, milk and cheese
• Essential fatty acids from butter, fish and olive oil – not margarine
• Fibre from green leafy vegetables, cabbage, spinach, green beans, peas and asparagus.


3 Eat organic/natural foods

• Avoid processed foods
• Prepare food at home
• Eat basic menus with meat, salad and vegetables


4 The ideal Annique Lifestyle menu

• Replace breakfast with a Lifestyle Shake
• Replace lunch with a Lifestyle Shake
• Your main meal is dinner – eat sufficient portions to ensure that you feel full. Don’t starve yourself

Note: If you find it difficult to replace both breakfast and lunch with Lifestyle Shake, opt for a Lifestyle friendly meal instead (free from refined carbohydrates and sugar). The ideal is to eat your main meal at dinner time. If this is not an option, it is acceptable to make lunch your main meal and then take Lifestyle Shake for breakfast and dinner.


5 Stop eating between meals

• Avoid snacking in between meals.
• Take Forever Slim ActiLess capsules to help to control sugar cravings and hunger pangs
• Drink Annique Herbal Teas. Choose from Colon Cleanse, Detox Tea, Green Rooibos Tea, Bladder and Kidney Tea

   and Stomach tea, amongst others.
• If you really need to snack, choose healthy options such as raw seeds, nuts, biltong. Again, ideally you need to

  condition your body to stop snacking in between meals. It is always more difficult in the beginning, so opt for

  snacks in the first week of following the Lifestyle Programme if you need to. Then move away from snacking in

  between meals. Your body will function best if you allow four to five hours of no food, in between meals.


6 Water is Essential for efficient metabolism and body systems

• DRINK 30 ml of pure water per kg of body mass.

   (For example, a 50 kg person should drink 50 x 30 ml per day=1.5 litres.)
• MINIMISE the intake of alcohol, coffee and normal tea. (Alcohol acts as a diuretic and thus dehydrates the body.)
• Drink herbal teas and especially Rooibos tea
• THIRST is a late indicator of the need to drink – we should therefore drink throughout the day and not just when we feel


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